Ayesha Ltd assures their employees

Ayesha Ltd assures their employees that inspite of recession, no worker will be retrenched from work.
(i) Identify the type of incentive offered.
(ii) Explain two more incentives of the same type.

(i) The incentive offered is ‘job security’, which is a non-financial incentive.
(ii) Two other non-financial incentives are:
: (a) Employee recognition Recognition means
acknowledgement of work with a show of appreciation. With such appreciation, employees feel motivated. It can be done in following ways: (z) Congratulating an employee for his/her good performance.
(ii) Display on notice board or newsletter of the company about the achievement of the employee.
(iii) Giving award/certificate for best performance.
(iv) Distributing momentos, complimentaries like T-shirts, caps, bags, etc.
(v) Rewarding an employee for giving valuable suggestions.
(b) Employee empowerment It means giving more autonomy and power to subordinates. It makes people feel that their jobs are important, as a result of which, they contribute positively to the use of skills and talents in the job performance.