How is money used as a medium of exchange? Explain (2)
What must not take place in a democracy if it is a good democracy?Explain (2)
Discuss two values related to challenges that Indian democracy is facing (2)
(a) What are the reforms needed to decrease doctors' absenteeism?Explain (2)
Explain the values which help in deepening democracy (2)
"Legal constitutional changes by themselves cannot overcome challenges to democracy" (2)
If we redefine democracy out of political context, what could be its possible definitions? (2)
“A challenge is an opportunity for progress". Support the statement with your argument (2)
Discuss the regional imbalance in India.Explain (2)
What do you understand by counter¬productive law?Explain (2)
Explain with example the impact of the Right to Information (RTI) Act (2)
Discuss the broad guidelines to be kept in mind while devising ways (2)
What are different political reforms that should be implemented in India? (2)
What role can an ordinary citizen play in deepening democracy?Explain (2)
Explain the ways in which democracy can be redefined to make democracy more effective (2)
‘Atleast one-fourth of the globe is still not under democratic government." Explain (2)
What is economic inequality? How does it prove harmful for the success of democracy? (2)
How would you like to expand the definition of democracy? Explain (2)
How do corruption and casteism affect democracy?Explain (2)
Describe the expanded scope of democracy in the modern world.Explain (2)
Mention the three ways through which democracy can be improved in practical form (2)
When is democracy considered successful?Explain (2)
Explain the 'foundational challenge’ faced by democracies (2)
"Iron and Steel industry is the basic as well as heavy industry" (2)
"The textile industry occupies a unique position in Indian economy." (2)
Why has the 'Chotanagpur Plateau Region' the maximum concentration of iron (2)
Which states of India have the maximum extent of cotton textile growth? (2)
Which factor plays the most dominant role in the ideal location of an industry? (2)
Explain any three factors effecting the localisation of industries with (2)
What are inputs? Mention any four factors of production (2)