CBSE Class 9   CBSE Class 9 Social

How were American Indians replaced by White Americans? (1)
Write a short note on the National Human Rights Commission (1)
What do you know about native American groups? (1)
What were the advantages of enclosures? (1)
How does the constitution protect our rights? (1)
Why were turnips and clover grown by farmers in their farms? (1)
What is Secularism? How did the Indian Constitution make India a secular state? (1)
How was increase in food production made possible? (1)
What are the main features of ‘Right to equality?’ (1)
What was the impact of the westward expansion of settlers in the USA? (1)
Why do we need rights in the democracy? (1)
Why did the landlords pressurise the British Parliament to pass the Enclosure Act? (1)
What are ‘rights’? How can we claim a right? (1)
How did the ‘enclosure movement’ proceed in England? (1)
Why has constitution made untouchability a punishable offence? (1)
How were common lands changed into enclosed lands by the rich farmers? (1)
Why do some rights need to be placed higher than the government? (1)
What were the reasons for starting the ‘enclosure movement’ in England? (1)
What happened in Kosovo (Albania) in 1999? (1)
Mnesty International do to get Guantanamo Bay prison closed? (1)
Why did swing rioters break thrashing machine? (1)
How were prisoners treated in Guantanamo Bay? Write three main features of the prison (1)
What is PIL? How does it work? (1)
What does Right to Constitutional Remedies imply? (1)
Which similarities are observed in the lifestyles of the Pastoralists of Jammu and Kaachal Pradesh? (1)
Who were Maasais? (1)
What are the provisions of cultural and educational rights? (1)
What do you know about pastoralists communities of Africa? (1)
How does a person exercise his right to freedom of religion? (1)
Discuss why the colonial government in India brought Forest Acts (1)