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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 1 Matter in Our Surroundings Chapter 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure Chapter 3 Atoms and Molecules Chapter 4 Structure of the Atom Chapter 5 The Fundamental Unit of L…

2 April 24, 2019
About the CBSE Class 9 Science category 1 June 30, 2016
(a) Why the stage of an auditorium has curved background, curtains, carpets and false ceiling? (b) The sound of a ringing bell inside a vacuum , chamber cannot be heard. Why? 2 March 16, 2020
What is Physics,Chemistry and Biology? 2 July 17, 2019
What is the valency of argon 2 June 24, 2019
Compare the properties of electrons,protons and neutrons 2 June 18, 2019
Can you please suggest me a science project(a working model) related to physics 2 June 17, 2019
Explain the three zones of a flame by taking the example of candle flame 2 June 17, 2019
What are the uses of concave and convex mirrors? 2 June 17, 2019
State and define SI unit of power 3 June 12, 2019
After observing an earthworm, Mohit decided to place it in phylum-Annelida. Which two features did he observe that helped him? 3 April 10, 2019
Calculate the net acceleration force, the acceleration of the train and the force of wagon 1 on wagon 2 2 April 8, 2019
Find the mass of the body 2 April 8, 2019
Which parameter tissue in plants is responsible for providing flexibility to plants? 2 April 8, 2019
Write the number of neutrons present in C and C isotopes of carbon 2 April 8, 2019
Suggest any two adaptations, which are present in aquatic animals 2 April 8, 2019
Write down the scientific name of Feather star and Apple snail 2 April 8, 2019
Calculate the height of the bridge from the water level and the distance covered by the stone in 2 s 2 April 8, 2019
The nitrogen cycle is said to be a perfect cycle. Explain, why? 2 April 8, 2019
Which values are displayed by Mahima? Is Mahima right in her statement? How do you define average speed? 2 April 8, 2019
What values do you observe in Amrita's behaviour? 2 April 8, 2019
How can you separate particles of colloidal solution? Name the process 2 April 8, 2019
If in a same bus 4 more passenger of total 250 kg sits, then find the new kinetic energy 2 April 5, 2019
How does the depletion of ozone layer in stratosphere affect living beings on the Earth? 2 April 5, 2019
Explain, the cause of air pollution and the effect it have on other living organisms 2 April 5, 2019
What could be the possible reason for the intense pain felt by Sita? 2 April 5, 2019
If solubility of a solute is S, find its percentage by weight 2 April 5, 2019
Can crop failure be overcome by genetic manipulation in crops? If yes, give reason 2 April 5, 2019
What qualities of Manish are worth appreciating? 2 April 5, 2019
A stone is dropped from the top of a tower 125 m high into a pond of water base of the tower. When is splash heard at the top 2 April 5, 2019