CBSE Class 9   CBSE Class 9 Science

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After observing an earthworm, Mohit decided to place it in phylum-Annelida. Which two features did he observe that helped him? (3)
Calculate the net acceleration force, the acceleration of the train and the force of wagon 1 on wagon 2 (2)
Find the mass of the body (2)
Which parameter tissue in plants is responsible for providing flexibility to plants? (2)
Write the number of neutrons present in C and C isotopes of carbon (2)
Suggest any two adaptations, which are present in aquatic animals (2)
Write down the scientific name of Feather star and Apple snail (2)
Calculate the height of the bridge from the water level and the distance covered by the stone in 2 s (2)
The nitrogen cycle is said to be a perfect cycle. Explain, why? (2)
Which values are displayed by Mahima? Is Mahima right in her statement? How do you define average speed? (2)
What values do you observe in Amrita's behaviour? (2)
How can you separate particles of colloidal solution? Name the process (2)
If in a same bus 4 more passenger of total 250 kg sits, then find the new kinetic energy (2)
How does the depletion of ozone layer in stratosphere affect living beings on the Earth? (2)
Explain, the cause of air pollution and the effect it have on other living organisms (2)
What could be the possible reason for the intense pain felt by Sita? (2)
If solubility of a solute is S, find its percentage by weight (2)
Can crop failure be overcome by genetic manipulation in crops? If yes, give reason (2)
What qualities of Manish are worth appreciating? (2)
A stone is dropped from the top of a tower 125 m high into a pond of water base of the tower. When is splash heard at the top (2)
Before giving speech in a hall, the reverberation time has been kept short. Why? (2)
Which student reports that the solution turns green from blue colour? (2)
What will be the least count of the spring balance? (2)
Write the names of two methods used to separate the components of the mixture (2)
Suggest any four points, which can be used during this identification (2)
Differentiate between these two fishes, which help in their identification (2)
Identify the organisms and the kingdom to which they belong (2)
What kind of colloidal solution is butter? Name a technique to separate butter from cream (2)
State the three rules proposed by Bohr and Bury, regarding the distribution of electrons in different orbits of an atom (2)