CBSE Class 9   CBSE Class 9 English

Topic Replies Activity
Why does the narrator call Pescud 'Trevelyan'? 1 December 14, 2016
Why does the narrator in the story 'Best Seller' say that ‘life has no geographical bounds'? 1 December 14, 2016
Why do you think the Colonel allowed the salesman to marry his daughter even though he came from a lineage of Earls? 1 December 14, 2016
What according to Colonel Allyn was important for promoting family ties among the people? 1 December 14, 2016
Why did Colonel Allyn mention Sir Courtenay Pescud in his conversation with Pescud? 1 December 14, 2016
How did John A Pescud succeed in impressing Jessie's father in the lesson 'Best Seller'? 2 December 14, 2016
What impression did Jessie give John about her father, Colonel Allyn? 1 December 14, 2016
Describe the house of Miss Allyn 1 December 14, 2016
What was Pescud's first impression of his wife? 1 December 14, 2016
What did John say when the narrator asked him about his company and his work? 2 December 14, 2016
What does the narrator describe about John's looks and his views on the plate-glass company? 1 December 14, 2016
Where was the narrator going and whom did he meet in the chair car? 1 December 14, 2016
"Good-luck to you, Trevelyan", I said. ''And may you get the petunias for your princess!" 2 December 14, 2016
I glanced downward and saw the best seller 2 December 14, 2016
I glanced out of the window 2 December 14, 2016
I married her a year ago," said John, "I told you I built a house in the East end 2 December 14, 2016
"He's coming", says she, "He's going to tell you, this time, the story about the old African and the green watermelons" 2 December 14, 2016
We talked two hours. I told him everything I knew; and then he began to ask questions and I told him the rest 2 December 14, 2016
''At first, I thought he was going to throw me out of the window, but I kept on talking." 2 December 14, 2016
"But I got my nerve back pretty quick. He asked me to sit down, and I told him everything.” 2 December 14, 2016
Before you read the story write down the answers to these questions.(a) Which was the latest book that you read? 2 December 14, 2016
For about nine seconds he had me rattled, and I came mighty near getting cold feet and trying to sell him some plate-glass 2 December 13, 2016
"Good-night', says I, 'and it wasn't Minneapolis.' What's your name, first, please?" 2 December 13, 2016
We are a proud family. Look at that mansion. It has fifty rooms 2 December 13, 2016
"Men are very clumsy", said she 2 December 13, 2016
And then I told her why I had come, as respectful and earnest as I could 2 December 13, 2016
'Excuse me’, says I,'Can you tell me where Mr Hinkle lives?' 2 December 13, 2016
They went in a gate on top of the hill. It nearly took my breath away when I looked up 2 December 13, 2016
A tall old man, with a smooth face and white hair, looking as proud as Julius Caesar was there to meet her 2 December 13, 2016
I contrived to keep out of her sight as much as I could, but I never lost track of her 2 December 13, 2016