CBSE Class 12   CBSE Class 12 Physics

A man with normal near point (25 cm) reads a book with small print using a magnifying glass (2)
A small telescope has an objective lens of focal length 140 cm (2)
An astronomical telescope uses two lenses of power 10 D and ID. What is its magnifying power in normal adjustment? (1)
The objective of an astronomical telescope (2)
How is the working of telescope different (2)
Calculate the value of R in the balance condition of the Wheatstone bridge (2)
Write two possible causes for one sided deflection in a potentiometer experiment (1)
Why are the connections between the resistors in a meter bridge made of thick copper strips? (2)
Determine the current in each branch of the following network (2)
AB is a potentiometer wire as shown in figure (2)
In the meter bridge experiment, the balance point (2)
Six lead-acid type of secondary cells each of emf 2 V (2)
Write any two factors on which internal resistance of a cell depends (2)
First a set of n equal resistors of R (2)
When is more power delivered to a light bulb (2)
Power P is to be delivered to a device via transmission cables (2)
Write two characteristics of manganin which make it suitable for making standard resistances (1)
Two conductors are made of the same material (2)
A conductor of length l (2)
What conclusion can you draw (2)
A galvanometer coil has a resistance of 12 Q (2)
A rectangular coil of area 2 x ${{10}^{4}}$ ${{m}^{2}}$ and 40 turns (2)
What is the magnitude of magnetic force per unit length (2)
Find the force exerted at point 02 because of the wire along the X-axis (2)
Using Ampere’s circuital law, derive the expression (2)
A proton is travelling with horizontal velocity (2)
A uniform magnetic field Bis set up along the positive X-axis (2)
A circular coil of 20 turns and radius 10 cm (2)
Answer the following questions given (2)
Suggest some appropriate design particulars of a solenoid (2)