CBSE Class 12   CBSE Class 12 Chemistry

About the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry category (1)
Electrochemistry (2)
Calculate the volume (2)
A 60 W load is connected to the secondary of transformer (2)
Explain the cleansing action of soaps (1)
Account for the following Some builders are added to soap (2)
Label the hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts in the following compounds (2)
How does the branching of hydrocarbon chain of synthetic detergents affect their biodegradability? (1)
If water contains dissolved calcium hydrogen carbonate ions out of soaps and synthetic detergents, which one will you use for cleansing clothes? (1)
Can you use soaps and synthetic detergents to check the hardness of water? (1)
How are synthetic detergents better than soaps? (1)
What are fillers and what role do they play in soap? (1)
If soap has high alkali content, it irritates skin. How can the amount of excess alkali be determined? (2)
Write the chemical equation (2)
What is the difference between saccharin and saccharic acid? (1)
Low level of noradrenaline is the cause of depression (2)
Why are cimetidine and ranitidine better antacids than sodium hydrogen carbonate, magnesium or aluminium hydroxide? (1)
Explain the term, target molecules or drug targets as used in medicinal chemistry (1)
What is meant by the term broad spectrum antibiotics? Explain (1)
Sulpha drugs work like antibiotics but they are not antibiotics. Give reason (1)
Why do paracetamol preferred over aspirin? (1)
Sleeping pills are recommended by doctors to the patients (2)
How do antihistamines cure allergy in the body? (1)
While antacids and antiallergic drugs interfere with the function of histamines, (2)
What is the advantage of using antihistamines over antacids in the treatment of acidity? (1)
With reference to which classification has the statement “ranitidine is an antacid” been given? (1)
A monomer of a polymer upon ozonolysis gives one mole of methylglyoxal and two moles of formaldehyde (2)
Differentiate between rubbers and plastics on the basis of intermolecular forces (1)
Give an example of polyester used as a synthetic fibre (2)
How does the presence of double bonds in rubber molecules influence their structure and reactivity? (1)