CBSE Class 12   CBSE Class 12 Biology

Write critical notes on the following: (2)
Discuss the effects of sewage discharge (2)
Why is there a decline in population of fish-eating birds, (2)
With the help a flowchart exhibit the events of eutrophication (2)
The diagram given below shows a river and the types of land uses (2)
Biological Oxygen Demand or BOD increases with increase in water (2)
‘Determination of Biological Oxgen Demand (BOD) can help (2)
Two types of aquatic organisms in a lake show specific growth (2)
Explain the variation of Dissolved Oxygen . (DO) with BOD (2)
Blend of polyblend and bitumen, when used, helps to increase (2)
Match the column I and II (2)
Name an industry which can cause both air and thermal pollution as (2)
Study the given aquatic food chain and answer the questions that (2)
Study the graph below. Explain how oxygen concentration (2)
Is it true that, if the dissolved oxygen level drops to zero, (2)
It is a common practice to plant trees and shrubs near the boundary (2)
Is it true, that carpets and curtains/oblique drapes placed on (2)
State the function of catalytic converter in automobile (2)
When and where was the World Summit on sustainable development (2)
How can you, as am individual, prevent the loss of biodiversity? (2)
Describe the consumptive use value of biodiversity as food, (2)
Many plant and animal species are on the verge of their extinction (2)
There are many animals that have become extinct in the wild (2)
Which type of conservation measures, in situ or ex situ (2)
Express your opinion on removal of tribal people out of forest (2)
Write a note on cultural and religious importance of biodiversity (2)
Differentiate between in situ and ex situ approaches of biodiversity (2)
List any four techniques where the principle of ex situ (2)
Explain how biodiversity is important for human (2)
How do religious beliefs help in the conservation of biodiversity? (2)