CBSE Class 12   CBSE Class 12 Biology

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Explain inbreeding depression and how it can be overcome (2)
Difference between sperm and ovum? (3)
Green house gases (2)
During a monohybrid cross involving a tall pea plant with a dwarf pea plant (3)
Why is colostrum a boon to the new born baby? (3)
Answer the questions based on the dinucleotide structure shown below (3)
Reproductive health (3)
Biology ncert question (1)
"Sweet potato tubers and potato tubers are the result of convergent evolution." Justify the statement (2)
Differentiate between Aerobic and Anaerobic acitivities (2)
Kishor visited his village and saw some trees on the boundary of the agricultural field (2)
While explaining environmental issues, teacher (2)
Since October 02, 2014 ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ (2)
Anil was waiting at a bus stop (2)
CEE Answer the following (2)
Discuss briefly the following: (2)
How have human activities caused (2)
Why has the National Forest Commission of India recommended (2)
It has been recorded that the temperature of the earth's atmosphere has increased by 0.6°C (2)
Name any one greenhouse gas and its possible source of production on a large scale (2)
What is the main idea behind ‘Joint Forest Management Concept’ (2)
How can slash and burn agriculture (2)
Write, what was the percentage of forest cover of India (2)
(a) Expand CFC. (b)How does it reduce ozone to oxygen? (2)
The figure given below shows the relative contribution of four (2)
What measures, as an individual, you would take (2)
List all the wastes that you generate at home, school or during (2)
Write critical notes on the following: (2)
Discuss the effects of sewage discharge (2)