CBSE Class 11   CBSE Class 11 Physics

Explain what do you understand by the efficiency of a heat engine? (1)
Under what condition, an ideal Carnot engine has 100% efficiency? (1)
A refrigerator is to maintain eatables kept inside at 9°C (2)
Find the heat transferred to the engine by the reservoirs (2)
What is a cyclic process? What is change in internal energy of the system in a cyclic process? (2)
A cycle followed by a machine (2)
Two bodies at different temperatures T1 and T2, (2)
Find heat exchanged by the engine with the surroundings (2)
Calculate the work done for adiabatic expansion of a gas (1)
Consider a p-V diagram in which the path followed (2)
Plot the p-V diagram for each case (2)
When ice melts then change in internal energy (2)
A cylinder with a movable piston contains 3 moles of hydrogen (2)
A geyser heats water the rate of 3.0 L/min from 27°C to 77°C (2)
A person of mass 60 kg wants to lose 5 kg by going up and down a 10 m high stairs (2)
Define period of revolution (2)
Does the escape speed of a body from the earth depend on (2)
Does the change in gravitational potential energy (2)
The earth is acted upon by the gravitational attraction of the sun. Why don't the earth fall into the sun? (1)
If suddenly the gravitational force of attraction between the earth and a satellite revolving around it becomes zero, what will happen to the satellite? (1)
An astronaut by mistake (2)
On what factor does the escape speed from a surface depend? (1)
If the kinetic energy of a satellite revolving around the earth in any orbit is doubled, what will happen to it? (1)
A satellite does not need any fuel to circle around the earth. Why? (1)
Derive an expression for work done against gravity? (1)
An object of mass m (2)
Assuming the earth to be a sphere of uniform mass density (2)
What is the gravitational potential energy (2)
Does the concentration of the earth's mass near its centre (2)
The acceleration due to gravity on a planet is 1.96 ${{ms}^{-2}}$ (2)