CBSE Class 11   CBSE Class 11 Physics

A cylindrical piece of cork of base area A density p (2)
Show that for a particle in linear SHM (2)
A spring balance has a scale that reads from 0 to 50 kg (2)
Justify the following statements (2)
A spring compressed by 0.1 m develops a restoring force 10 N (2)
In case of an oscillating simple pendulum (2)
Plot the corresponding reference circle for each of the following (2)
The following figures depict two circular motions (2)
A particle is in linear simple harmonic motion between two points A and B (2)
Every SHM is periodic motion (2)
Figures depict four x-t plots for linear motion of a particle (2)
Which of the following examples represent (nearly) simple harmonic (2)
Which of the following examples represent periodic motion? (2)
Estimate the mean free path and collision frequency (2)
What will be the mean free path of nitrogen gas at STP (2)
What is basic law followed by equipartition of energy? (1)
At room temperature diatomic gas molecule has five degrees of freedom (2)
In terms of kinetic theory of gases, explain why the pressure of a gas (2)
Although velocity of air molecules is very fast (2)
What will be the internal energy of 8 g of oxygen at STP? (1)
Equal masses of monoatomic and diatomic gases are supplied heat (2)
Figure shows plot of pV/T versus p for 1.00 x${{10}^{-3}}$ kg (2)
Write the difference between ideal gas and real gas (1)
You are given the following data about a group of particles (2)
A meter long narrow bore held horizontally (2)
Explain why there is no atmosphere on moon (2)
Three vessels of equal capacity have gases at the same temperature and pressure (2)
A gas is contained in a closed vessel (2)
Estimate the total number of air molecules (2)
Molar volume is the volume occupied by 1 mol of any (2)