CBSE Class 11   CBSE Class 11 Physical Education

Write the names of few swimming sports personalities of national (2)
Mention six latest rules of swimming (2)
Briefly discuss the history of swimming (2)
Draw a neat diagram of Judo court with with measurements and specifications (2)
What are common injuries, first-aid and preventive steps in Judo? (2)
What are specific warming-up and conditioning in Judo? (2)
Give the general rules of Judo (2)
Discuss the history of Judo (2)
What are the fundamental skills of Judo? (2)
Mention important tournaments of Judo (2)
Mention the Important sports personalities of Judo (2)
Draw a neat diagram of Badminton court with its measurement and (2)
Mention important tournaments of Badminton (2)
Give the history of Badmindon (2)
What are common injuries and their preventions in Badminton? (2)
Describe specific warming-up and conditioning in Badminton (2)
Mention fundamental rules of Badminton (2)
Mention fundamental skills of Badminton (2)
Explain the terms Isometric and Isokinetic exercises. Elaborate the (2)
What do you understand by endurance circuit training and its various (2)
Principles of training have an important part to play in the development (2)
Define continuous method of training (2)
Define the term strength. Draw eight stations circuit training programme (2)
What does the word 'training' mean in sports ? Explain any two (2)
Briefly discuss the guidelines for the development of flexibility (2)
What are the principles of sports training? (2)
Describe various benefits or physiological aspects of warming up (2)
Define interval training (2)
Describe the various types of warming-up (2)
Briefly explain the advantages of 'Fartlek training' (2)