CBSE Class 11   CBSE Class 11 Economics

About the CBSE Class 11 Economics category (1)
Explain the relative share of different sectors in national income at the time of independence (2)
Find out the coefficient of rank correlation from the following data? (3)
Discuss in brief, the methods of constructing weighted index number (2)
'Statistics are figures, but all figures are not statistics'. Justify the statement (2)
Construct frequency polygon without histogram using following data (2)
Present the following data in the form of histogram.Explain (2)
Explain the state of Industries in India on the eve of Independence.Explain (2)
How did the construction of railways affect the structure of the Indian (2)
When was the Suez Canal opened? How did it affect the Indian economy?Explain (2)
How was the zamindari system of land settlement responsible (2)
Draw the 'less than’and 'more than' give from the data given below (2)
From the following frequency distribution, prepare the 'less than' ogive (2)
Draw a histogram, a frequency polygon and a smoothed frequency curve (2)
Construct a frequency polygon with histogram for the following data (2)
Present the data given in the table below in a histogram? (2)
Distinguish between a bar diagram and a histogram.Explain (2)
How is a histogram constructed and how does it differ from a frequency (2)
What are the importance of presenting data in graphical form? Which (2)
What do you mean by the term arithmetic line graph. Explain briefly (2)
The question should be short, simple and properly arranged to avoid confusions. Explain (2)
Do samples provide better results than surveys ? Give reason for your answer (2)
Ahaan has a report about the smoking habits of the students in the colleges of University of Delhi (2)
Discuss how you would use the lottery method to select 3 students out of 10 in your class? (2)
'A good sample is generally based on correctness and continuity’ (2)
Write the advantages of pilot survey (2)
Define the terms (a) Enumerator (b) Investigator and (c) Respondent (2)
Recently you have seen the television coverage on exit polls before the results (2)
The government and policy makers use statistical data to formulate suitable policies (2)
Statistical methods are not the substitute for common sense. Comment (2)