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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry (2)

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Chapter 2 Structure of The Atom Chapter 3 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Chapter 4 Chemical Bonding and Molecu…

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100 mL of a liquid is contained in an insulated container at a pressure of 1 bar (3)
Write van der Waal's equation for one mole of a gas (2)
What is the pH of 0.001 M aniline solution. The ionization constant of aniline is 4.27 x ${{10}^{-4}}$. Cal-culate the degree of ionization of aniline in the solution. Also calculate the ionization constant of the conjugate acid of aniline? (2)
What is meant by (i) delocalisation, (ii) resonance energy (2)
On the basis of quantum numbers, justify that sixth period (3)
Calculate the volume of 1.00 mol ${{L}^{-1}}$ aqueous sodium hydroxide that is neutralised by 200 mL of 2.00 mol ${{L}^{-1}}$ aqueous hydrochloric acid arid the mass of sodium chloride produced (3)
Perioic classification (4)
Determine the value of ∆H and ∆U for the reversible isothermal (4)
Why is benzylic free radical more stable than allylic free radical? (3)
To account for atomic mass of nitrogen as 14.0067, what should be the ratio of 15N and 14N atoms in natural nitrogen? (3)
Find the Quartile deviation for the given data (2)
It is said that plants are harmed by excess water (2)
Describe cell'division. List various types of cell division (2)
What are the characteristics of prokaryotic cells? (1)
Which features make mammals as most successful and dominant animals? (1)
If the displacement of a body is zero (2)
The data regarding the motion of two different objects (2)
If uncertainties in the measurement of position (2)
For H-atom the Bohr radius for first orbit is 0.529 A (2)
What kind of information about an electron (2)
How does the Bohr theory of the hydrogen atom differ from that of Schrodinger? (1)
A photon of wavelength 4x ${{10}^{-7}}$ m strikes on metal surface (2)
The radius of first Bohr orbit of hydrogen atom is 0.529 A (2)
Neon gas is generally used in sign boards (2)
For a hydrogen-like particle, derive the expression (2)
Electromagnetic radiation of wavelength 242 nm (2)
The Vividh Bharati Station of All India Radio, Delhi (2)
Chlorophyll present in green leaves of plants absorbs light (2)