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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Business Studies (2)

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Business Studies Chapter 1 Nature and Purpose of Business Chapter 2 Forms of Business Organisation Chapter 3 Private, Public and Global Enterprises Chapter 4 Business Services Chapter 5 Eme…

About the CBSE Class 11 Business Studies category (1)
Give the classification of funds on the Basis of ownership.Explain (2)
Write the types of preference shares.Explain (2)
Explain any two merits and two demerits of raising funds through preference (2)
Define preference shares. State the merits of raising funds (2)
Discuss the role of statistics in economic planning (2)
Write a detailed note on features, structure, and functions of WTO (1)
Criticism of the WTO are often based on the fundamental misunderstanding (2)
Specify any four advantages that India will gain (2)
Provisions regarding to trade specify (2)
State the objectives of WTO? (1)
Your firm is planning to import textile machinery from Canada (2)
Rekha Garments has received an order to export 2000 men's trousers (2)
Explain the meaning of the following documents (2)
Differentiate between the following? (2)
Discuss the process involved in securing payment for exports? (1)
What is a letter of credit? Why does an exporter need this document? (1)
Explain the meaning of Mate's receipt? (1)
How does it differ from bill of entry? (1)
Explain briefly the process of customs clearance of export goods? (1)
Why is it necessary for an export firm (2)
What is pre-shipment finance (1)
Discuss the formalities involved in getting an export licence (1)
What is a bill of exchange with reference to international trade? (1)
Why is it necessary to get registered (2)
If two nations are involved in trade to maximise their productivity (2)
Why nations are involve in trade? Discuss in brief (1)
How does international trade help in stabilising the prices of a product? (1)
State the points that should be remembered by nations before indulging in trade (1)