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About the CBSE Class 10 Social Science category 2 September 12, 2016
“The economic strength of a country is measured by the development of manufacturing industries.” 2 January 29, 2020
"Agriculture and industry are complementary to each other." Justify the statement 5 December 30, 2019
Explain the importance of ‘Radio and Television' as an effective means of mass 3 December 22, 2019
Formation of britain 1 December 11, 2019
The rise of nationalism 1 December 11, 2019
The rise of nationalism in europe 1 December 11, 2019
"The Political Parties are necessary for democracy" 2 November 18, 2016
Explain the July revolution of 1830 in France 1 October 9, 2019
How did the 'Non-Cooperation Movement' spread in cities across the country? 3 September 7, 2019
Explain land use pattern in India 3 July 18, 2019
Classify resources on the basis of ownership with examples 2 June 13, 2019
What is primitive subsistence farming? 2 June 12, 2019
Describe the impact of globalisation on Indian economy with example 3 June 12, 2019
Give reasons why tertiary sector has become so important in India ? Or Give five reasons for the rising importance of the tertiary sector in India 3 May 26, 2019
Who are producers and consumers? 2 May 20, 2019
NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science 1 April 23, 2019
Reema works as a shift technician in Mehta Textiles Ltd. whereas Shirin works as a Sales Executive in Kashvi Fashion Showroom 2 April 3, 2019
Rohan works in a bank as a clerk while Sumit works on a construction site as a labourer 2 April 3, 2019
Political parties need to face and overcome a number of challenges in order to remain effective instruments of democracy 2 April 3, 2019
Political parties fill political offices and exercise political power 2 April 3, 2019
Women face disadvantage, discrimination and oppression in various ways even today 2 April 3, 2019
“The pace of change has been rapid in modern times and has impacted the ways of communication as well” 2 April 3, 2019
What basis roadways have taken an edge over railways? 2 April 3, 2019
Describe the significance of Textile Industry in India with specific reference to Cotton industry 2 April 3, 2019
How did the Non-Cooperation Movement spread to the countryside and drew into its fold the struggles of peasants and tribal communities? 2 April 3, 2019
How did people belonging to different communities, regions or language groups in India develop a sense of collective belonging? 2 April 3, 2019
“The function and the shape of the family were completely transformed by life in the industrial city” 2 April 3, 2019
England and Europe, there was large-scale industrial production for an international market in the country side 2 April 3, 2019
Illustrate with examples that food offers many opportunities of long-distance cultural exchange 2 April 3, 2019