CBSE Class 10   CBSE Class 10 Social

About the CBSE Class 10 Social category (2)
Suggest any three ways to create more employment (3)
What are the conditions under which democracies accommodate social diversities? (2)
What is the importance of energy resources? (3)
What are the main components of a political party? (2)
"Consumer awareness in India faced so many obstacles and had not been an easy growth". Explain (2)
How did withdrawal of US loans affect different countries of the world? (3)
Which girl is referred to in Class 10 CBSE Social Science (History) Pg-172 2nd Paragraph? (1)
The 1830s were years of great economic hardship in Europe. Explain how? (3)
How do physiographic and economic factors influence the distribution pattern (3)
In what ways can employment increased in urban areas? (2)
How do the logos and certification on cover help the consumers to buy standardised products? (2)
Distinguish between open unemployment and disguised unemployment (4)
How are consumers exploited in the marketplace? Explain with three examples (3)
"Advancement of international trade of a country is an index of its economic prosperity” (3)
Why did Mahatma Gandhi think of Non-cooperation only? (2)
Briefly explain the incident of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and its effects on Punjab (2)
What type of flag was designed during the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ in Bengal? Explain its main features (2)
What is sexual division of labour? (2)
Describe any three major problems faced by the peasants of Awadh (3)
State two reasons to say that caste alone cannot determine election result in India (2)
How did the Belgium government solve its ethnic problem? (4)
What is sustainable economic development? (3)
Define the term ‘Resource’. Do you think that resources are free gifts of nature? Support your argument (4)
How do social divisions affect politics ? Give suitable examples (5)
Classification of resources (1)
How have multi-purpose projects and large dams been the cause of many new social movements? (3)
Explain the rationale for naming the Primary sector as 'Primary'./ (2)
What are the various methods of soil conservation? (2)
By what names is black soil also known as? In which regions are black soils formed and why? (2)