CBSE Class 10

Class 10 Science CBSE Class 10 Social Here We are going to discuss about CBSE Class 10 Social Science.<br>* Please ask and share your knowledge.
About the CBSE Class 10 category [CBSE Class 10] (1)
If the current I through a resistor is increased by 100% (assume that temperature [Class 10 Science] (6)
How would you distinguish between baking powder and washing soda by heating? [Class 10 Science] (2)
Suggest any three ways to create more employment [CBSE Class 10 Social] (3)
Differentiate between saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons [Class 10 Science] (5)
Life Processes (Science) the [Class 10 Science] (1)
What are the conditions under which democracies accommodate social diversities? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
What is the importance of energy resources? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (3)
What are the main components of a political party? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
An element X on reaction with O2 forms X2O [Class 10 Science] (5)
Explain Normal Shift with a suitable diagram [Class 10 Science] (1)
"Consumer awareness in India faced so many obstacles and had not been an easy growth". Explain [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
State in brief the functions of the following parts of the human female reproductive system: [Class 10 Science] (3)
How did withdrawal of US loans affect different countries of the world? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (3)
Which girl is referred to in Class 10 CBSE Social Science (History) Pg-172 2nd Paragraph? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (1)
The 1830s were years of great economic hardship in Europe. Explain how? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (3)
How do physiographic and economic factors influence the distribution pattern [CBSE Class 10 Social] (3)
Zinc liberates hydrogen gas when reacted with dilute hydrochloric acid, whereas copper does not. Explain why? [Class 10 Science] (3)
Why do metals not evolve hydrogen gas with nitric acid? [Class 10 Science] (2)
In what ways can employment increased in urban areas? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
Write a letter to your friend telling him about the annual day celebration in your school and write it in 150 to 200 words [CBSE Class 10] (2)
How do the logos and certification on cover help the consumers to buy standardised products? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
Distinguish between open unemployment and disguised unemployment [CBSE Class 10 Social] (4)
How are consumers exploited in the marketplace? Explain with three examples [CBSE Class 10 Social] (3)
Why is the red light used as a danger signal [Class 10 Science] (5)
"Advancement of international trade of a country is an index of its economic prosperity” [CBSE Class 10 Social] (3)
Why did Mahatma Gandhi think of Non-cooperation only? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
Briefly explain the incident of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and its effects on Punjab [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
What type of flag was designed during the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ in Bengal? Explain its main features [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
What is sexual division of labour? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)