Write about the digestion of food in the small intestine



Write about the digestion of food in the small intestine.
A. The small intestine is the longest part of the alimentary canal.
2) It is the site of the complete digestion and end products are obsorbed into blood.
3) It receives the secretion of liver and pancreas for this purpose.
4) Walls of the small intestine secrete intestinal juice. This is also known as succus entericus.
5) The intestinal juice consists pf enzymes like enterokinase, peptidase, lipase, sucrase, nucleotidase, nucleosidase etc.
6) Enzymes present in the intestine completely digest the partially digested food.
7) Following digestive processes take place in the intestine.
a) Peptidases convert peptides into amino acids.
b) Intestinal lipase completely digest fats into fatty acids and glycerol.
c) The Enzyme sucrase act on sucrose and converted as glucose.
d) Nucleotidase and nucleosidase complete the digestion of nucleic acids.
8) The end products of lipids are absorbed by lactiols which are present in Villi.
9) The end products of carbohydrates and proteins are absorbed by blood vessels.