Why and how were the native Americans driven Westwards?Explain



Why and how were the native Americans driven Westwards?


The native Americans were driven Westwards to bring their land under cultivation.
In the following way, they were driven Westward
(i) After the American War of Independence (1775-1783), the white Americans began to move Westward. At the time of President Thomas Jefferson, over 700000 white settlers moved towards the Appalachian plateau through the passes. They made the lands into cultivated fields. They cut forest timber for export, hunted animals for skin and mined mountains for gold and minerals.
(ii) After 1800, the US Government took a policy of driving the American Indians towards Westward, first beyond the River Mississippi, then further West.
(iii) Numerous wars were fought between white Americans and local tribes, in which large number of American Indians were massacred, many of their villages were burnt.
(iv) The Indians tried to resist, ultimately forced to sign treaties, gave up their own land and move Westwards.