What is the significance of energy ? Differentiate between commercial and non-commercial sources of energy



Energy is the most important component of eco-nomic infrastructure. It is a critical aspect of the development process of a nation. It is essential for industries as no commodity is produced without using energy. Now a days, energy is used even in the agricultural sector. It is needed to operate tube-wells, tractors and thrashers. It is also required in houses for cooking. One cannot even think of a day without electricity and other sources of energy like petrol LPG, etc. So, we can say that energy is life line of the entire production activity
Commercial energy : (i) The sources of energy that are avail┬Čable to the users at some price are referred to as commercial energy.
(ii) This form of energy is used for commercial purposes.
(iii) For example : coal, petroleum, natural gas and electricity.
Non-commercial energy : The sources of energy that are usually avail┬Čable freely to the users are referred to as non-commercial energy.
This form of energy is used for domestic consumption.
For example; firewood, agricultural waste, animal waste, etc.