What is meant by osmoregulation?



What is meant by osmoregulation ? How is it maintained in human body ?
A. Osmoregulation is the process of maintaining salt and water balance across membranes within the body.
2) The kidneys are the main osmoregulatory organs in human body.
3) They function to filter blood and maintain the dissolved ion concentrations of body fluids.
4) The nephron is the functional unit of the kidney, which actively filters blood and generates urine.
5) Hormones like antidiuretic hormone vasopressin and aldosterone used in the body to help to increase the permeability of the collecting ducts found in the kidney.
6) This further allows diffusing to occur easily, it also allows the kidneys to be able to absorb water and prevent it from being excreted.
7) Humans are also able to regulate by controlling the total amount of water that is passed out of the body through the urine or sweat.
8) Absence of vasopressin hormone produces dilute urine. Hormone action maintains osmotic concentration of body fluids.
9) Deficiency of vasopressin causes excessive, repeated, dilute urination.