Two loops of wore are next to each other in the same plane as shown



Two loops of wore are next to each other in the same plane as shown



when you close the switch suddenly

magnetic field is produced in the inward direction that is perpendicular to plane of paper

according to right hand thumb rule

direction of current in loop 1 is clockwise so that field also in clockwise


according to faredays law rate of change of flux is directly propotional to induced emf

existence of field in loop1 is due to application of switch

when loop 2 is near to loop1

due to mutual induction emf is induced in second loop

this draws current which produce the flux

according to lenz law it tries to oppose the cause

change in flux never be continuous only for brief moment

when you turned the switch on


There won’t be any force acting on either of the coils due to each other’s magnetic field

because the direction perpendicular to the plane of the coil(direction of magnetic moment of the coils) will be

at 180 degrees to the other’s magnetic field. t = M x B , t being torque experienced by coil and M x B being the cross product of Magnetic moment and Magnetic field which is MBsinx.

so x here will be 180 so t will be zero. Hence no force will be experienced by the coils due to each other.