‘Social diversity can take different forms in different societies.’



‘Social diversity can take different forms in different societies.’ Explain.


  • Racial discrimination was practised in US and it ultimately led to Civil Rights Movement. There were protests in the streets and US black athletes had protested against their racism in the open in the medal ceremony of Olympics.
  • In Sri Lanka, the differences could be seen in the form of various religions followed in the - country and the languages like Sinhala and Tamil. There was a civil war in the country due to importance being given to Sinhalas only.
  • In Belgium, people speak-different languages like Dutch, French and German. But that country opted for accommodation by giving due importance to all the languages.
  • Most of the social differences are based on the accident of birth but some of them are based on choices also like some people choose to follow a religion which is different from the one in which they were born.


i just couldn’t agree more. and i don’t know why it is hard for me people to understand this so helpful yet simple thing to understand… thanks for sharing it all