‘Singapore is a successful, rich and well- planned city'. Explain



‘Singapore is a successful, rich and well- planned city’. Explain.
Ans. Singapore until 1965, was overcrowded, lacked sanitation, had poor housing and poverty. Singapore became an independent nation under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew, President of the People’s Action Party. A huge housing and development programme was undertaken. This programme completely altered the face of the island nation. The tall housing blocks, which were well ventilated and serviced, also redesigned the social life of Singapore. Crimes were reduced and the elderly were housed alongside their families. Empty floors were provided in all buildings to enable and encourage community activities. Migration into the city was strictly controlled. Social relations between the Chinese, the Malays and the Indians were monitored to prevent racial conflicts. Newspapers, journals and all forms of communication and association were strictly controlled by the government.