Read the following newspaper report



Read the following newspaper report and answer the question that follows.
With a view to providing social security to unorganised workers, Labour and Employment Minister Mallikaijun Kharge said the unorganised Worker’s Social Security Act, 2008 has been enacted. He said, "There are social security schemes for BPL families, street vendors, workers in the construction and building segment and MGNREGA workers."
Can you suggest three measures to protect workers in the unorganised sector in urban areas?


Some measures which can be taken to protect workers in the unorganised sector are
(i) Strict enforcement of the mandatory registration of all employers of more than 9 persons. Presently, there is virtually no enforcement.
(ii) They should be covered for loss of life or disability insurance by the public sector insurance companies with payment of a nominal periodic premium.
(iii) They should be given subsidised skill upgradation training, so that with the passage of time, they can improve their,income by taking up trades that are currendy in demand.