Population growth


Can changes in age composition and sex ratio result in the population change ?


Because age and sex determination is not responsible for populations.


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Yes. It changes population level


Santanu,thanks for ur answer ,but could u explain how it changes the population ? Beacause miss also told that it changes …:thinking:


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Means?:thinking::thinking:could u pls make it clear…


There are many factors on which the population of a region depends like economic equality, literacy, social empowerment, age composition, sex ration etc
Age composition: if the age structure is more young or aged they wont participate much in population. But if its more of youth they leads to higher population
Sex ratio: it is defined as no. Of female per thousand male. As the sex ratio go high the population may increase as compare to low sex ratio


Thank u so much…now it’s much clearer …I will never forget this