Given below are the crude explanations of the words



Given below are the crude explanations of the words. Read the individual explanation and recognise the word corresponding to the given explanation.
(i) It is the lowest or the basic taxonomic category.
(ii) Blue-green algae is included in this kingdom.
(iii) A single large opening present in Porifera.
(iv) Another name for Platyhelminthes.
(v) The group of organisms having segmented worms.
(vi) Scientific name of freshwater polyp.
(vii) The term used when coelom is absent.
(viii) Highest category of taxonomic study.
(ix) Gelatenous layer present between ectoderm and endoderm.
(x) Kidney-like structure in Mollusca for . excretion.


(i) Species
(ii) Monera
(iii) Osculum
(iv) Flatworms
(v) Annelida
(vi) Hydra
(vii) Acoelomate
(viii) Kingdom
(ix) Mesoglea
(x) Metanephridia