Explain giving reasons:



Explain giving reasons:

  • Balanced diet is necessary for maintaining healthy body.
  • Health of an organism depends upon the surrounding environmental conditions.
  • Our surrounding area should be free of stagnant water.
  • Social harmony and good economic conditions are necessary for good health.


  • Food is necessary for the growth and development of the body. Balanced diet provides raw materials and required energy in appropriate amount through nutrients like proteins,
    carbohydrates, fats, minerals, etc. which in turn are essential for the proper growth and functioning of a healthy body.
  • Health is a state of being well enough to function physically, mentally and socially and these conditions in turn depend upon the surrounding environmental conditions, e.g., if there are unhygienic conditions in surrounding area, it is likely that we might get infected or diseased.
  • This is so because many water-borne diseases and insect vectors flourish in stagnant water which cause diseases in human beings.
  • Human beings live in societies and different localities like villages or cities, which determine the social and physical environment and hence both are to be kept in harmony. Public cleanliness is important for individual health. For better living conditions money is required. We need good food for healthy body and for this we have to earn. For the treatment of diseases also, one has to be in good economic condition.