Exactly how bad a leader was Stalin?



Exactly how bad a leader was Stalin?


largest nation in the world, for nearly 30 years. During this time he revolutionized Russia from a backward agricultural nation to the most productive and industrious nation on the planet which produced vast amounts of steel, coal, iron, produce, and weapons. He also led Russia through the Second World War, and his army is largely claimed as the central reason behind the defeat of the Third Reich due to their victory over German forces on the Eastern Front. This has led to Stalin being praised and often worshiped by many individuals who believe him to be one of the greatest rulers of all time.

Others, however, instead focus on the human aspect of Stalin’s leadership. Under his rule, it is estimated that around 50-80 million Soviets died due to his actions, largely due to famine, disease, and warfare. He also called for the deaths of thousands of political rivals, military leaders, and government officials in a paranoid purge that left the Soviet administration almost entirely bare of knowledge, experience and expertise. Many claim that although the Soviet Union prospered economically under Stalin, that it prospered despite his best efforts and that its growth was inevitable under the circumstances.

In short, opinions on how good of a leader Josef Stalin was depends on one’s opinion and what you quantify as a “bad” leader.