Different traditional communities are involved in conserving their



Different traditional communities areinvolved in conserving their own natural habitats in India. Analyse thestatement.
Ans. Nature worship is an age old tribal belief based on the premise that all creations of nature have to be protected. Certain societies reserve a particular tree which they have preserved from time immemorial. The Mundas and the Santhals of Chota Nagpur region, worship mahua (Bassia latifolia) and Kadamba CAnthocephalus cadamba) trees and tribals of Odisha and Bihar worship the tamarind(Tamarindus indica) and mango (Mangifera indica) treesduring wedding.
Indian society comprises several cultures, each with its own set of traditional methods of conserving nature and itscreations. Sacred qualities are often ascribed to springs, mountain peaks, plants and animals which are closely protected. One can easily find troops of macaques and langurs around many temples.
In and around Bishnoi villages in Rajasthan, herds of black buck (chinkara), nilgai and peacocks can be seen as an integral part of the community and nobody harms them. This way different communities are involved in conserving their own natural habits in India