Did the American revolution influence French revolution? How exactly?



Did the American revolution influence French revolution? How exactly?


Yes, the American Revolutionary War massively influenced the French Revolution for a number of reasons. The first of these was that America had relied strongly on France during their revolution for arms, supplies, and sometimes troops in order to defeat the British, who were strong rivals of the French crown. This led to a widespread exchange of ideas and beliefs between French and American soldiers and civilians and led to the desire for revolution to come back with many of these French soldiers, sailors, merchants, and traders. The writings of many American revolutionaries, such as Benjamin Franklin, also strongly influenced French thinkers and revolutionaries.

Benjamin Franklin spent many years within France attempting to gain supplies and support for the American war effort and was widely popular within the country. He was so popular that upon his death all of the coffee shops in Paris hung up black cloth as a sign of mourning for his passing. The American Revolutionaries showed the French people that it was possible to create a new nation that was established on democracy, meritocracy, and liberty and to overthrow the old order of aristocracy and oppression.