Did Alexander the Great ever reach India?



Did Alexander the Great ever reach India?


This question depends on what your definition of India is. Alexander the Great’s army did reach the Indus Valley and fought a costly campaign against the King Porus. His armies reached the Hyphasis river and refused to go any further as they were tired of marching and wished to go home to see their families.

Alexander’s original aim was to conquer all of the known world, and he believed that India was the end of this world. After his army refused to march any further, however, he decided to return home by following the river to the Persian Gulf, where he returned to the Middle East through the Gedrosian desert which led to the deaths of a large majority of his men.

Alexander’s armies did not reach the main subcontinent of India, but he did conquer and establish a number of provinces in the northern Indus Valley, which only lasted a few years before being conquered by the Mauryan Empire.