Describe the results of "Bloody Mary's" religious policies. How might Mary's actions have indirectly affected the history



Describe the results of “Bloody Mary’s” religious policies. How might Mary’s actions have indirectly affected the history of the united states?


It made the majority of the English and Welsh population feel that the protestants were better, as Mary was extreme (1550s), and the martyrdom of people was a PR disaster for catholicism.

So it paved the way for England and Wales to become firmly protestant. The Spanish Armada attack and failure probably led to the final securing of England and Wales into the protestant outlook on christianity.

Had the Brits gone back into catholicism groups like the puritans may have got suppressed; in which case the pilgrim fathers may have never been around to travel across to the US (c 1620). The 13 (?) original English-speaking states probably would have still have been created, but catholicism would have been the predominant type of christianity.