Calculate the volume of 1.00 mol ${{L}^{-1}}$ aqueous sodium hydroxide that is neutralised by 200 mL of 2.00 mol ${{L}^{-1}}$ aqueous hydrochloric acid arid the mass of sodium chloride produced [CBSE Class 11 Chemistry] (3)
How have multi-purpose projects and large dams been the cause of many new social movements? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (3)
Explain the rationale for naming the Primary sector as 'Primary'./ [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
Five resistors are connected in a circuit as shown in figure [Class 10 Science] (3)
Difference between sperm and ovum? [CBSE Class 12 Biology] (3)
Managenent of natural resources [Class 10 Science] (1)
What is federalism?can vertical as well as horizontal power sharing be called Federal?Is it a boon or a bane? [CBSE Class 10] (1)
An element X on reaction with O2 forms X2O [Class 10 Science] (3)
12-8 divided by 2+3 [Home Work Help] (3)
2 5/2-2 3/2 solve? [Home Work Help] (2)
A white salt of lead on heating decomposes to give brown fumes and a residue is left behind. (i) Name the salt. (ii) Write the equation for the decomposition reaction [Class 10 Science] (2)
What are the various methods of soil conservation? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
By what names is black soil also known as? In which regions are black soils formed and why? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
How red and yellow soils are formed? Why do they look red? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
Give any four characteristics of arid soils of India [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
What is majoritarianism [CBSE Class 10 Social] (4)
What is the connection between Romans and Italians? Were Romans Italian or are Italians Romans? [Home Work Help] (2)
Electrochemistry [CBSE Class 12 Chemistry] (2)
Ho chin min trail [Uncategorized] (2)
Write the balanced chemical equations for the following reactions and identify the type of reaction in each case. (i) In thermite reaction, iron (III) oxide reacts with aluminium and gives molten iron and aluminium oxide [Class 10 Science] (3)
A flower pot dropped out a window of a very tall building. How fast will it be moving after 7 seconds? [Home Work Help] (1)
A particle moves along the x-axis with position at time t given by x(t) 0 is given by x(t) = t^3-4t^2 -3t +1 [Home Work Help] (1)
How to balance the net ionic equation for na2co3 + hcl [Home Work Help] (1)
6x^2-13x+6/2x-3 (Divide by long division)? [Home Work Help] (1)
3x -2(x-7)<6x-1 [Home Work Help] (1)
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If tanh(x) = 24/25, find the values of the other hyperbolic functions at x.? [Home Work Help] (1)
I need to find tan75 using the half angle formula. I know the answer is 2 + sqrt(3), but for some reason I can't solve the problem using plus or minus sqrt(1-cosx/1+cosx) [Home Work Help] (1)
Is the Frobenius norm the same thing as the Euclidean norm?! [Home Work Help] (1)