What is investment? Name the companies which make foreign investment.Write (2)
Self-Help Groups' support has brought about a revolutionary change (2)
What do people do with the extra cash? They deposit it (2)
Suppose you have won a big cash prize , in a contest. If your parents (2)
(a) "Most of the poor households still depend on the informal sector for loans, (2)
“Credit is useful as well as harmful, it depends on the risk involved".Support (2)
The following table shows the sources of credit for rural households in India in 2012 (2)
"Money has made transactions easy." Justify (2)
How can the formal sector loans be made beneficial for poor farmers (2)
What are the two main reasons for formal credit not being available to the rural poor? (2)
How does Reserve Bank of India play crucial role in controlling the formal sector loans? Explain (2)
Which government body supervises the functioning of formal (2)
Name two formal and two informal sources of credit in India state (2)
“Deposits with the banks are beneficial to the depositors as well as to the nation." (2)
Why is modern currency accepted as a medium of exchange without any use of its own? (2)
“Money acts as an intermediate in the exchange process" (2)
'Credit has its own unique role for development' justify the statements with argument (2)
"Whether credit would be useful or not, it depends on the situation".Give (2)
"Loans from banks always help to raise people's earning capacity". Justify (2)
(a) Why is there a need to expand rural credit? (2)
Why is it necessary for the banks and cooperative societies to increase their lending (2)
Why is cheap and affordable credit important for the country's development? (2)
(a) Which institution supervises the functioning of formal sources of credit in India? (2)
Which documents are required to be submitted to the bank for taking (2)
Explain with an example how the terms of credit can be unfavourable (2)
Explain the term debt-trap. Why is it more rampant in rural areas? Give two reasons (2)
Which type of deposits with the banks are called demand deposits?State (2)
Why the demand deposits are considered as money?Explain (2)
How is money used as a medium of exchange? Explain (2)
What must not take place in a democracy if it is a good democracy?Explain (2)