CBSE Class 9   CBSE Class 9 Social

About the CBSE Class 9 Social category (1)
Civics extra que. Pls ans. Fast (1)
Mention any three legislative powers of the President of India (2)
Forest society and colonialism (1)
How did the British start exporting opium to China? (1)
How did the tea trade start between Chinese and British? (1)
What role was played by the mechanical reaper in the harvest? (1)
How did Agricultural Depression lead to job insecurity? (1)
Why were the farmers of Bihar and Bengal unwilling to grow opium? (1)
How did the British establish their monopoly over opium trade? (1)
Why were Indian cultivators unwilling to grow opium? (1)
How did the British make the Chinese addicted to opium? (1)
Why did the British increase the land for cultivation in India? (1)
What were the causes of the formation of Dust Bowls? (1)
What happened to the poor farmers after the use of new technology? (1)
What policy did the US government follow in driving the Indians westward? (1)
Why were threshing machines introduced by the landlords? (1)
What happened to the poor after the enclosure movement? (1)
Why did enclosures begin by the end of the 18th century? (1)
What did ‘common land’ mean to the English countryside peasant? (1)
How did the condition of secured labourers become insecure? (1)
Why did Indian peasants begin to agitate against the low prices of opium? (1)
How could the Western merchants balance their trade with China? (1)
Why were the Manchus rulers not willing to allow the entry of foreign goods into China? (1)
Which crops were grown in India for the world market? (1)
What were the advantages of these mechanical devices to the big farmers of the Great Plains? (1)
In what way was new technology responsible for the dramatic expansion of land in America? (1)
Which Fundamental Right protects the rest of the Fundamental Rights? (1)
How did the Great Plains across the Mississippi river become a major wherica? (1)
How are the scope of rights expanded? (1)