CBSE Class 9   CBSE Class 9 English

About the CBSE Class 9 English category (1)
You are John A Pescud (2)
What trait of John's character attracts you the most? (2)
‘Life has no geographical bounds' (2)
It was love at first sight for John Pescud (2)
Colonel Allyn belonged to a refined and rich stratum of society (2)
In what way does John's life resemble the story lines of best sellers? (1)
Why does the narrator call Pescud 'Trevelyan'? (1)
Why does the narrator in the story 'Best Seller' say that ‘life has no geographical bounds'? (1)
Why do you think the Colonel allowed the salesman to marry his daughter even though he came from a lineage of Earls? (1)
What according to Colonel Allyn was important for promoting family ties among the people? (1)
Why did Colonel Allyn mention Sir Courtenay Pescud in his conversation with Pescud? (1)
How did John A Pescud succeed in impressing Jessie's father in the lesson 'Best Seller'? (2)
What impression did Jessie give John about her father, Colonel Allyn? (1)
Describe the house of Miss Allyn (1)
What was Pescud's first impression of his wife? (1)
What did John say when the narrator asked him about his company and his work? (2)
What does the narrator describe about John's looks and his views on the plate-glass company? (1)
Where was the narrator going and whom did he meet in the chair car? (1)
"Good-luck to you, Trevelyan", I said. ''And may you get the petunias for your princess!" (2)
I glanced downward and saw the best seller (2)
I glanced out of the window (2)
I married her a year ago," said John, "I told you I built a house in the East end (2)
"He's coming", says she, "He's going to tell you, this time, the story about the old African and the green watermelons" (2)
We talked two hours. I told him everything I knew; and then he began to ask questions and I told him the rest (2)
''At first, I thought he was going to throw me out of the window, but I kept on talking." (2)
"But I got my nerve back pretty quick. He asked me to sit down, and I told him everything.” (2)
Before you read the story write down the answers to these questions.(a) Which was the latest book that you read? (2)
For about nine seconds he had me rattled, and I came mighty near getting cold feet and trying to sell him some plate-glass (2)
"Good-night', says I, 'and it wasn't Minneapolis.' What's your name, first, please?" (2)