CBSE Class 12   CBSE Class 12 Economics

When the price of a foreign currency rises, its supply also rises (2)
When the price of foreign currency rises, its demand falls (2)
Explain the effect of appreciation of domestic currency on imports (1)
Explain the effect of depreciation of domestic currency on exports (1)
How is foreign exchange rate determined under a flexible exchange rate regime? (2)
Foreign exchange rate in India is on the rise recently (2)
How does giving incentives for exports influence foreign exchange rate? Explain (1)
Visits to foreign countries for sightseeing, etc by the people of India i$ on the rise (2)
What does a zero primary deficit indicates? (2)
Is deficit budget a sign of government inefficiency? (2)
Distinguish between fiscal deficit and primary deficit (2)
Distinguish between revenue deficit and fiscal deficit (2)
How progressive tax structure can help in reducing inequality of income? (1)
A person claims that he should be exempted from tax payment as he does not use any government services in general (2)
If you are appointed as the Finance Minister of India (2)
Giving reasons, categorise the following into revenue receipts and capital receipts (2)
Classify the following receipts into revenue receipts and capital receipts (2)
Giving reasons, classify the following into direct tax and indirect tax (2)
Is loan granted by the Central Government to a State Government (2)
Distinguish between direct tax and indirect tax (1)
Distinguish between revenue receipts and capital receipts in a government budget (1)
What is disinvestment? Does it refer to revenue receipts or capital receipts of the government? (2)
Is the following, a revenue expenditure or capital expenditure in the context of government budget? (2)
Is the following, a revenue receipt or a capital receipt in the context of government budget and why? (2)
Tax rates on higher income group have been increased (2)
Explain how surplus budget is an useful measure to control inflation (2)
Explain the role of government budget in bringing economic stability (2)
Differentiate between balanced budget and surplus budget (1)
Government raises its expenditure on producing public goods (2)
India is suffering from the problem of inequalities in the distribution of income and wealth (2)