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About the CBSE Class 12 category [CBSE Class 12] (1)
Explain inbreeding depression and how it can be overcome [CBSE Class 12 Biology] (2)
Explain by drawing a suitable diagram that the interference pattern in a double slit is actually a superposition of single slit diffraction from each slit [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (3)
(a) The ratio of the widths of two slits in Young's double slit experiment is 4 : 1. Evaluate the ratio of intensities at maxima and minima in the interference pattern [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (4)
Draw V-I characteristics of a p-n junction diode [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (3)
Calculate Net Value Added at Factor Cost [CBSE Class 12 Economics] (3)
Use Lenz’s law to determine the direction of induced current in the situations described by figure [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (3)
Use Kirchhoff s rules to determine the value of the current $I_{1 }$ flowing in the circuit shown in the figure [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (3)
A solenoid of length 50 cm having 100 turns carries a current of 2.5 A [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (3)
Difference between sperm and ovum? [CBSE Class 12 Biology] (3)
Electrochemistry [CBSE Class 12 Chemistry] (2)
Assignment for physics [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (1)
A nucleus with mass numbers [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (3)
In the figure below, the electric field lines [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (3)
Magnetic flux through cross section [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (1)
Green house gases [CBSE Class 12 Biology] (2)
Production possibilities curve [CBSE Class 12 Economics] (1)
During a monohybrid cross involving a tall pea plant with a dwarf pea plant [CBSE Class 12 Biology] (3)
Why is colostrum a boon to the new born baby? [CBSE Class 12 Biology] (3)
Explain how do ‘ open market operations' by the Central Bank affect money creation by commercial banks [CBSE Class 12 Economics] (3)
Principles of Taylor and Fayol are mutually complementary [CBSE Class 12 Business Studies] (3)
How does a charge q oscillating at certain frequency produce electromagnetic waves [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (3)
Electromagnetic waves [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (1)
Answer the questions based on the dinucleotide structure shown below [CBSE Class 12 Biology] (3)
The carrier wave is given by C(t)=2sin(8πt) volt. The modulating signal is a square wave . Calculate the modulation index [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (2)
Given a uniformly charged plane/sheet of surface charge density [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (3)
Reproductive health [CBSE Class 12 Biology] (3)
Biology ncert question [CBSE Class 12 Biology] (1)
Physics 2nd part of Q 7 related to wave optics [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (1)
Consider a two slit interference arrangement (shown in figure) such that the distance of the screen from the slits is half the distance between the slits [CBSE Class 12 Physics] (3)