CBSE Class 11

Human respiration [CBSE Class 11 Biology] (2)
About mud ...| | [CBSE Class 11] (2)
Unit and measurement [CBSE Class 11 Physics] (2)
'Statistics are figures, but all figures are not statistics'. Justify the statement [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
Reproductive health class 12 [CBSE Class 11 Biology] (2)
Unit and measurmemnt [CBSE Class 11 Physics] (1)
Give the classification of funds on the Basis of ownership.Explain [CBSE Class 11 Business Studies] (2)
Write the types of preference shares.Explain [CBSE Class 11 Business Studies] (2)
Explain any two merits and two demerits of raising funds through preference [CBSE Class 11 Business Studies] (2)
Define preference shares. State the merits of raising funds [CBSE Class 11 Business Studies] (2)
Construct frequency polygon without histogram using following data [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
Present the following data in the form of histogram.Explain [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
Explain the state of Industries in India on the eve of Independence.Explain [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
How did the construction of railways affect the structure of the Indian [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
When was the Suez Canal opened? How did it affect the Indian economy?Explain [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
How was the zamindari system of land settlement responsible [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
Draw the 'less than’and 'more than' give from the data given below [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
From the following frequency distribution, prepare the 'less than' ogive [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
Draw a histogram, a frequency polygon and a smoothed frequency curve [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
Construct a frequency polygon with histogram for the following data [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
Present the data given in the table below in a histogram? [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
Distinguish between a bar diagram and a histogram.Explain [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
How is a histogram constructed and how does it differ from a frequency [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
What are the importance of presenting data in graphical form? Which [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
What do you mean by the term arithmetic line graph. Explain briefly [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
The question should be short, simple and properly arranged to avoid confusions. Explain [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
Do samples provide better results than surveys ? Give reason for your answer [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
Ahaan has a report about the smoking habits of the students in the colleges of University of Delhi [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
Discuss how you would use the lottery method to select 3 students out of 10 in your class? [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
'A good sample is generally based on correctness and continuity’ [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)