CBSE Class 11   CBSE Class 11 Economics

If it is stated that 'Rahul is 40 year old, Mohan is 6 ft tall, Rahim is 50 kg (2)
'Statistical methods are most dangerous tools in the hands of an inexpert' (2)
'Today nearly every decision in business is made with the aid of statistical (2)
China's rapid industrial growth can be traced back to its reforms in 1978. Do you agree? Elucidate (1)
What similar developmental strategies have India and Pakistan followed for their respective developmental paths? (1)
Describe the path of developmental initiatives taken by Pakistan for its economic development (1)
What are the various means by which countries are trying to strengthen their own domestic economies? (1)
Mention the salient demographic indicators ofChina, Pakistan and India (1)
How is China able to lead in all the human development indicators? (1)
The phenomenon of male child-preference is common in many developing countries including India, China and Pakistan (2)
'Special Economic Zone (SEZ) increase foreign investment'. Explain (1)
What kind of energy is generally used by persons at home? (2)
Why do medical tourists come to India? (2)
Do you think regional inequality exists even in health infrastructure in India? (2)
Who regulates the power management in the capital? (2)
Discuss, in brief, the possibility of development of non-conventional energy (2)
Justify that energy crisis can overcome with the use of renewable (2)
What is the significance of energy? Differentiate between (2)
Discuss the role of three services needed in supply of electricity (2)
Why do we require grid for transmission of electricity? (2)
Commercial energy is mostly used for commercial purposes in factories, (2)
Expansion of one industry facilitates the expansion of the other.How (2)
Do you think India's installed capacity to generate electricity is sufficient? (2)
What changes are observed in the composition of infrastructure (2)
Categorise canals, houses, schools, railways, ships, hospitals, (2)
Infrastructure contributes to the economic development of a country (2)
Explain the two categories into which infrastructure is divided (2)
Specify certain general measures that can be adopted by government (2)
An inflationary gap arises when Aggregate Demand exceeds the maximum (2)
Why there has been a continuous rise in prices in India during the (2)