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About the CBSE Class 11 category [CBSE Class 11] (1)
The edge of an aluminium cube is 10 cm long [CBSE Class 11 Physics] (3)
Morphology of flowering plants [CBSE Class 11 Biology] (1)
"Adolescence is the age of stress and strain". Explain [CBSE Class 11 Physical Education] (4)
Describe briefly the necessity of proper sports gear for improving [CBSE Class 11 Physical Education] (2)
What is meant by (i) delocalisation, (ii) resonance energy [CBSE Class 11 Chemistry] (2)
On the basis of quantum numbers, justify that sixth period [CBSE Class 11 Chemistry] (3)
State with reasons which of the following cannot possibly represent one dimensional motion of a particle [CBSE Class 11 Physics] (3)
What is the relation between physics and society? [CBSE Class 11 Physics] (2)
Define fertility factor [CBSE Class 11 Biology] (2)
How much volume does one mole of a gas occupy at N.T.P [CBSE Class 11 Physics] (2)
Differentiate between Shark and Rays [CBSE Class 11 Biology] (2)
Metabolism is a defining feature of all living organisms without exception [CBSE Class 11 Biology] (4)
Calculate the volume of 1.00 mol ${{L}^{-1}}$ aqueous sodium hydroxide that is neutralised by 200 mL of 2.00 mol ${{L}^{-1}}$ aqueous hydrochloric acid arid the mass of sodium chloride produced [CBSE Class 11 Chemistry] (3)
Multicellular organisms have division of labour. Explain [CBSE Class 11 Biology] (2)
Explain the relative share of different sectors in national income at the time of independence [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
Find out the coefficient of rank correlation from the following data? [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (3)
What will be the acceleratioon of small block [CBSE Class 11 Physics] (1)
Perioic classification [CBSE Class 11 Chemistry] (4)
Determine the value of ∆H and ∆U for the reversible isothermal [CBSE Class 11 Chemistry] (4)
Which of the following potential energy curves in figure [CBSE Class 11 Physics] (2)
Why is benzylic free radical more stable than allylic free radical? [CBSE Class 11 Chemistry] (3)
Discuss in brief, the methods of constructing weighted index number [CBSE Class 11 Economics] (2)
The stress-strain graph for a metal wire is given [CBSE Class 11 Physics] (3)
Find the height from the surface of earth at which weight of a body of mass tn reduced to 36% of its weight on the surface. (${{R}_{e}}$ = 6400 km.) [CBSE Class 11 Physics] (2)
To account for atomic mass of nitrogen as 14.0067, what should be the ratio of 15N and 14N atoms in natural nitrogen? [CBSE Class 11 Chemistry] (3)
The displacement of a particle moving in one dimension under the action of a constant force is [CBSE Class 11 Physics] (4)
A cricketer can throw a ball to a maximum horizontal distance of 100 m. How much high above the ground can the cricketer throw the same ball? [CBSE Class 11 Physics] (2)
Amoeba multiplies by mitotic cell division. Is this phenomena growth or reproduction? [CBSE Class 11 Biology] (2)
A Motion in straight line [CBSE Class 11] (1)