CBSE Class 10   CBSE Class 10 Social

Why are arid soils found to be non-productive? (1)
What were the aims of Agenda 21 to achieve global sustainable development? (1)
Why was the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, 1992 held? (1)
Explain the interdependent relationship between nature, technology and institutions. Also make a diagram to represent the same (1)
Name the states in which laterite soils are found and give any two characteristics of this soil (1)
Give some important features of the black soil (1)
What is the importance of soil as a resource? (1)
For what purposes are land resources used? (1)
What is the importance of land? (1)
Describe the process of resource planning in India (1)
Give a brief description of ‘Hydrological Cycle’ (1)
What do you know about the ‘Bamboo-Drip Irrigation System’? (1)
“It is essential to conserve and manage our water resources.” (1)
Explain the river-water dispute between the states of India? (1)
Why did Jawaharlal Nehru proudly proclaim the dams as the ‘temples of modern India’? (1)
What is a dam? What are the different types of dams? (1)
What are the main factors of river pollution in India? (1)
What do you understand by the term ‘scarcity of water’ then (1)
What is Gendathur village renowned for? (1)
Give various methods of rainwater harvesting since ancient times (1)
Explain ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan’? (1)
What are the main causes of water scarcity? (1)
What does ‘Horticulture’ mean? Which crops are grown under horticulture in India? (1)
Give some main characteristics of coffee crop (1)
How can you say that ‘India is the largest producer as well as the consumer of pulses in the world’? (1)
What geographical conditions are needed for the second most important cereal crop of India? Name some regions where it is grown (1)
What type of farming is called plantation farming? Which factors are needed to promote them in India? (1)
Give main characteristics of intensive subsistence farming (1)
Give the characteristics of a crop used both as food and fodder (1)
What type of climate is required for the production of sugarcane? (1)