CBSE Class 10

CBSE Class 10 Social Here We are going to discuss about CBSE Class 10 Social Science.<br>* Please ask and share your knowledge. Class 10 Science
About the CBSE Class 10 category [CBSE Class 10] (1)
Why is the red light used as a danger signal [Class 10 Science] (2)
Why did Mahatma Gandhi think of Non-cooperation only? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
Briefly explain the incident of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and its effects on Punjab [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
What type of flag was designed during the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ in Bengal? Explain its main features [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
How are consumers exploited in the marketplace? Explain with three examples [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
What is sexual division of labour? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
What are the necessary conditions to see an object ? What is light? [Class 10 Science] (2)
Suggest a test to find the hardness of water and explain the procedure [Class 10 Science] (2)
Describe any three major problems faced by the peasants of Awadh [CBSE Class 10 Social] (3)
Which rule is violated in the electronic configuration ${{1s}^{0}}$ ${{2s}^{2}}$ ${{2p}^{4}}$? [Class 10 Science] (2)
Class 10 maths sample paper [CBSE Class 10] (1)
State two reasons to say that caste alone cannot determine election result in India [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
How did the Belgium government solve its ethnic problem? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (4)
What is sustainable economic development? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (3)
Define the term ‘Resource’. Do you think that resources are free gifts of nature? Support your argument [CBSE Class 10 Social] (4)
How do social divisions affect politics ? Give suitable examples [CBSE Class 10 Social] (5)
A brown substance X on heating in air forms a substance Y [Class 10 Science] (3)
How does speciation take place? [Class 10 Science] (2)
Distinguish between open unemployment and disguised unemployment [CBSE Class 10 Social] (3)
Classification of resources [CBSE Class 10 Social] (1)
How have multi-purpose projects and large dams been the cause of many new social movements? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (3)
Explain the rationale for naming the Primary sector as 'Primary'./ [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
Five resistors are connected in a circuit as shown in figure [Class 10 Science] (3)
Managenent of natural resources [Class 10 Science] (1)
What is federalism?can vertical as well as horizontal power sharing be called Federal?Is it a boon or a bane? [CBSE Class 10] (1)
An element X on reaction with O2 forms X2O [Class 10 Science] (3)
A white salt of lead on heating decomposes to give brown fumes and a residue is left behind. (i) Name the salt. (ii) Write the equation for the decomposition reaction [Class 10 Science] (2)
What are the various methods of soil conservation? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)
By what names is black soil also known as? In which regions are black soils formed and why? [CBSE Class 10 Social] (2)